My Very Good Days

My Very Good Days

Ainti feat. Nównøis

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My Very Good Days goes through the surface of fun and dives into the raw essence of female desire. The lyrics cut through societal judgments and narrow perspectives, laying bare the resilience inherent in the feminine spirit.

Nównøis, with her distinctive vocals, becomes the living embodiment of this narrative, imprinting her personality onto the song and infusing it with a soulful resonance. Her contribution isn’t just a feature but an element that breathes life into the song.

It talks about the complexities of desire and the courage to defy judgment.

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Breaking Boundaries Ainti’s Debut Single ‘Rejoice’ Challenges Conformity and Explores Sonic Depths

Ainti, an enigmatic newcomer on the music scene, introduces us to a thought-provoking debut single titled “Rejoice.” The brainchild of Antonio Revuelta, Ainti’s solo project takes a courageous leap into the complexities of human nature, questioning societal norms and challenging blind conformity.

With Antonio taking on multiple roles, from lyrics to production and vocals, “Rejoice” emerges as a bold artistic expression with a distinctive, atmospheric sound. The single features the haunting vocals of Iara Campello, adding an ethereal quality to the composition. Recorded in the heart of Budapest, the song unfolds as a sonic exploration drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of genres, including electronic music, industrial, trip-hop, rock, R&B, and post-punk. This diversity contributes to a sound that defies easy classification, inviting listeners into an immersive and genre-bending experience.

Rejoice” serves as a profound commentary on unquestioning loyalty, urging listeners to reflect on blind obedience and the potential pitfalls of following leaders without scrutiny. Ainti challenges the notion that genuine joy stems from unquestioning submission, prompting a reevaluation of the role of authority in our lives. The song has already garnered attention for its dense, dark, and raw quality, with one review aptly describing it as “strangely good.” Ainti’s ethos, centered around questioning populists, politicians, and religious leaders, reflects a keen awareness of the socio-political landscape.

Intriguingly, the recording process itself adds a layer of uniqueness to the narrative. The use of a hanged telephone beneath the gallery at Ainti’s Budapest apartment introduces an element of DIY creativity, underscoring the authenticity and hands-on approach to the project. Antonio Revuelta’s quote, “Me and Iara Campello took two days and lots of takes to land on this record,” offers a glimpse into the dedication and collaborative effort poured into crafting “Rejoice.” Beyond being a musical endeavor, this debut single stands as a powerful artistic statement, inviting listeners to join Ainti in questioning the unquestionable and embracing the complexity of individuality in a world that often demands conformity.

Original review available on: Breaking Boundaries Ainti’s Debut Single ‘Rejoice’ Challenges Conformity and Explores Sonic Depths

Ainti Emerges with Debut Single “Rejoice” A Sonic Rebellion and Introspective Journey

Introducing Ainti, the visionary solo artist behind the debut single “Rejoice.” With a fresh perspective, Ainti delves into the complexities of human nature, challenging conformity, and encouraging listeners to question the status quo. The track is an invitation to scrutinize blind obedience, prioritize self-necessities, and celebrate individual ideas over unquestioning conformity.

As a one-person project, Ainti (Antonio Revuelta) takes on the roles of lyricist, producer, and mastermind behind the mixing process. The debut single, recorded in the artist’s Budapest apartment, features the captivating vocals of Iara Campello. Ainti draws inspiration from a diverse array of music genres, including electronic, industrial, trip-hop, rock, R&B, and post-punk. The debut single, “Rejoice,” delves into the realms of populism, critiquing politicians and religious leaders, offering a sonic commentary on blind loyalty, authority, certainty, and passion.

Rejoice” serves as a stark reminder of the dangers associated with unquestioning allegiance, challenging the notion that true joy lies in sacrificing individuality for a perceived greater good. The song navigates themes of loyalty and authority, urging listeners to be wary of blindly following leaders, even those claiming to act in their best interests. The recording process itself adds a unique touch to the narrative, as “Rejoice” was crafted using a hanging telephone under the gallery at Ainti’s apartment. The result is a strangely good, dense, dark, and raw sonic experience, capturing the essence of Ainti’s distinctive musical vision. In the artist’s own words, “Me and Iara Campello took two days and lots of takes to land on this record.” With “Rejoice,” Ainti has boldly stepped into the music scene, leaving an indelible mark with a debut that is both audacious and introspective.

Original review available on: Ainti Emerges with Debut Single “Rejoice” A Sonic Rebellion and Introspective Journey

Ainti – “Rejoice” by Beach House

Ainti’s debut single, ‘Rejoice,’ is a triumphant entry into the music scene, marking the arrival of a promising new talent. The song is designed as a brilliant combination of witty lyrics and mesmerizing tunes that attract the listener from the beginning. The uniqueness of how Ainti explores the underlying intricacies of human nature places this ‘Rejoice’. The track is quite eloquent in its invitation to question the status quo and blind obedience and invites listeners to consider very deeply their own personal beliefs and what goes on around them in the world.

With a rich and emotional voice, Ainti perfectly delivers the song’s message, which also feels authentic and passionate. The production quality is top-notch, supporting Ainti’s vocals with a harmonious balance of instruments. “Rejoice” is not just a song; it’s a thought-provoking piece that challenges listeners to prioritize self-awareness and celebrate their individuality. It’s a refreshing and insightful debut that leaves us eagerly anticipating more from Ainti.

Original review available on: Ainti – “Rejoice”

Bold Ode To Individuality With Ainti And “Rejoice”

In a musical world where originality is often drowned in an ocean of conformity, Ainti, aka Antonio Revuelta, emerges with his explosive single, “Rejoice”. This piece, the result of an introspective artistic approach, invites a deep reflection on human nature and the importance of questioning established norms.

Ainti is not a group, but a solo project, a personal vision of Antonio Revuelta who was able to merge his talents as a lyricist, producer, sound engineer and mixer to create a unique sound. Recorded in Revuelta’s Budapest apartment, featuring the captivating vocals of Iara Campello, “Rejoice” is a musical journey through an eclectic mix of genres, from electronic to trip-hop, rock and R&B.

Rejoice” stands as a challenge to blind obedience and submission without question. The track explores themes of loyalty, authority, certainty and passion, warning of the dangers of blindly following leaders, even if they claim to act for our good. It is an invitation to celebrate our own ideas, to question more than to accept certainties.

The recording of “Rejoice” was done in atypical conditions, using a telephone suspended under the gallery of Revuelta’s apartment. This singular choice of production adds a raw and authentic dimension to the song, reinforcing its message of independence and originality.

Rejoice” is a manifesto, a call to rebellion against conformity. Ainti, with this first achievement, promises us a rich and intrepid musical future. As Revuelta himself says, “Iara Campello and I took two days and many takes to come up with this record.” An effort that was well worth it for such a captivating and provocative result.

Original review available on (French): Ode Audacieuse À L’Individualité Avec Ainti Et “Rejoice”

The artist Ainti sends us a sublime message of awakening through unique musicalities on his song “Rejoice”.

There are many ways to convey opinions in the story. If some use their talent in painting, their strength of conviction, or manipulation, more unique people use music to do so. Among these talented artists, we find the artist Ainti who stands out for his attributes as an emeritus composer. On a remarkable streak of leaving a mark through his music, Ainti invites his audience to discover the song “Rejoice” which is an impregnable masterpiece.

Rejoice” is a song that talks about the loyalty and blind commitment that anyone can have to a person without questioning. The piece covers the questions of conviction that we have towards these people who give us the guarantee of always serving our interests.

On a piece with a very distinguished theme, the artist offers us an excellent composition which does not fail to highlight his talent. The sounds produced by the drums and the guitar fit ideally well with the voice of the singer who adds a touch of emotion to this title.

Rejoice” will not fail to make you appreciate all the sonic connotations offered by Ainti.

Original review available on (French): L’artiste Ainti nous transmet un sublime message d’éveil à travers des musicalités uniques sur son morceau « Rejoice ».

Ainti – Rejoice by Good Music Radar

Ainti is an explorative electronic banner. It is the brainchild of Antonio Revuelta who has a multi-dimensional vision, especially when it comes to electronica. He thinks of it as a bottomless sphere with endless potential and possibilities and charts sonic constellations, combining industrial and post punk sensibilities with the melody of R&B and the spirit of trip-hop. Ainti debuts with single, Rejoice, a composition that pulls in all these diverse frequencies into a vacuous sphere. Each swipe, texture, speckle, dot, and weave of sonic thus forms memorable imprints.

The industrial manifests like a dispersing fabric, its features felt in every corner of the soundscape. It is mild, yet ominous as it connects with the contemplative post punk riffs and slapping beats. From within this web of formless vibration, the vocals pour out. It claims its own tangent and thus becomes a powerful presence. The quality and complexity of it doesn’t dissolve into the vibrations in the background. Beautifully inert and an outlier. But this seemingly random sound collage is produced with a concrete vision and dimension that the theme eventually becomes embossed. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Rejoice’ by Ainti here

Original review available on: Ainti – Rejoice


Antonio Revuelta leads the Ainti project, a transcendental musical expression.

Released on November 2, 2023, the track “Rejoice” emerges as a thunderous industrial, interweaving dense elements of Stoner Rock. The crystal clear voice hypnotizes, while the acidic lyrics criticize authoritarianism and blind loyalty.

The single impresses with exceptional quality from start to finish, rising to a higher level of sonic excellence.

The bold fusion of styles creates a unique listening experience, standing out not only for its rich instrumentation, but also for the depth of its critical messages about the dangers of blind belief. Ainti, under the leadership of Revuelta, continues to challenge everything that is worthy of being doubted.

The single is available on the main digital music streaming platforms.



AINTI releases new single “Rejoice” being the first work released, the debut single. Formed by Antonio Revuelta leading the project and some guest artists.

Rejoice‘ has an experimental feel, a rock and roll that explores dark wave, a bit of metal and the euphoria of commercial rock, in a sonic journey that makes listeners have a unique experience within this track that brings us freedom. The vocals sing with great expressiveness, taking the music wherever you want. The atmosphere takes over the environment, as if it were a chaotic sound bringing a dark atmosphere, a black cloud, a captivating and unique environment.

The new work “Rejoice” has a very intriguing introduction, with voices that leave us scattered, something that hallucinates our minds, this beginning is brilliant. With a trip rock sound, a mix of hip hop beats, a very dark vocal with an environment that makes this darker side conducive, we are taken into this song full of mysteries.

Going to the chorus, the beats are growing, strong and control our heart. The singer’s vocals are expressive, exploring high notes, a high-pitched and captivating timbre, it is a powerful song. The guitar riffs are breathtaking, the track catches fire with a tone that sets the song on fire.

Rejoice” arrives to be an anthem that breaks the barriers of the musical genre, going from rock to trip hop, from metal to avant garden, a song that makes 2024 start exploding with this anti-system track.



Ainti’s “Rejoice” is an enchanting and otherworldly journey into the depths of sound, defying categorization and leaving listeners mesmerized.

The song’s ethereal vocal performance, reminiscent of a modern-day Kate Bush, weaves through an intriguing melody that evokes the haunting beauty of ancient folklore.

The arrangement, reminiscent of Prodigy’s genre-bending artistry, creates a fantastic blend of electronic textures and organic instrumentation, further plunging listeners into a sonic wonderland.

Antonio Revuelta, the mastermind behind Ainti, demonstrates exceptional musical talent in his composition and production.
His refined taste and impeccable execution elevate the song to a higher plane, where the boundaries of conventional music dissolve and the listener is left to marvel at the sheer brilliance of this sound.

The unexpected male vocal intervention at the end of the song is a masterful touch, adding a touch of drama and charm to an already superb piece.

Ainti is an artist to watch, and “Rejoice” is a groundbreaking statement that will undoubtedly resonate with music lovers seeking something truly unique. Rejoice is Ainti’s Single Out Now!

Ainti is a solo electronic music project, formed by Antonio Revuelta and guest artists. Main influences are electronic music, industrial, trip-hop, rock, R&B, post-punk and several other artists.

Original review on https://www.edgarallanpoets.com/rejoice-is-aintis-single-out-now/


“Rejoice” is about unquestioning loyalty, followers and believers. It opposes the idea that the true joy lies in unquestioning submission, in sacrificing one’s individuality for the sake of a perceived greater good.

The song’s main themes are loyalty, authority, certainty, and passion, serving as a reminder of the dangers of blindly following leaders, even if they claim to be acting in your best interests.

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NUN Electro’s and Holy Høly’s honey whiskey

Image by M-MAG

As a “bedroom producer”, I always ask people to listen to my demos and to describe what comes to their minds while playing the songs, sensations such as “what color does this song have?”, “what place do you feel?”, “how’s the weather?”, “what is the time?”, “what’s the taste?”. According to the answers I can see if I’m really conveying my ideas, depending on the feedback in general. There’s no right or wrong questions, this is pure synesthesia and not everyone has the same answers but there’s always something in common. I really like listening to people’s feedback about their feelings. So, I’ve done the same process, asking myself which taste comes when hearing the latest NUN Electro’s release featuring Holy Høly, “From the Ashes”. The result is a bold honey whiskey.

The catchy, sensual and soft vocals are driven by a light synced jazzy and morose bass and drum, altogether with a synth, delivering a very best of a Portishead vibe, at the same time it has its own spirit and full of personality, the longing spirit, the onboard organ builds up the DNA of this unique sonic piece. Voice, still, down pitched and concise, exploring all the room the composition can afford, Holy Høly has mastered in such a gloomy and velvety way, she plays with the possibilities and delivers. What a match!

It gets stuck to your head, sometimes I catch myself repeating the chorus, out of nothing. What good times for the new down tempo’s scene.

Whiskey! And honey!

“From the Ashes” can be heard on the below links:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xA-cIXCOxE (Youtube)
https://open.spotify.com/track/6Up4nhFeCSG1T10xFrOwCi?si=4fc030d8e1384dad (Spotify)

NUN Electro’s Facebook profile

Holy Høly’s Facebook profile

Nównøis is flowing

As Morrissey is used to sing, “There is a light and it never goes out”, I can interpreted this very specific piece of the lyrics, after an almost suicidal epiphany written by him and Johnny Marr, as “there’s always a little spark, the flames have not been killed, and never will”. Yes, going against what is natural or the unbearable-to-quit doesn’t fit well and it is difficult to swallow. Sometimes, it is simply not feasible to, we cannot stop for death.

This persistence is signed by Nównøis with her new release “Like a River”. Such an experimental, refined and unique style, following an ethereal rhythm that from time to time resembles the movement of, well.. A river! A calm and leisurely river, flowing calmly and heading to its end, emptying into slightly troubled waters. Nównøis’ journey for this song was full of obstacles and one of the main challenges was “how to keep the wheel spinning”?. This is a truly and honest testimony being told by using layers, nuances and at the same time inviting us to embark on this.

The textures sometimes resemble to me a bit of This Mortal Coil, being added a bit of a “downtempo synthwave”. It’s troublesome to proper label the upcoming new artists and songs, trying to apply the same genre using the well established artists is not enough. This new scene is made up of 90s kids and pre-teens, being bombarded by electronic music radios, TV shows and influenced mainly by the scene happening in Bristol by artists such as Massive Attack, Tricky (although the genre name does not please those artists, the so-called Trip Hop stuck).

“Like a River” was written, produced and mixed by Nównøis, mastered by the Finnish artist Lnoer and you can check the release on links below.

Soundcloud / Spotify / Apple Music / Amazon Music 

https://www.nownois.com/post/flowing-like-a-river-the-new-single-is-out (Nównøis “Like a River” website)

https://www.facebook.com/nownois (Nównøis Facebook page)


Interview Ainti

Embark on a diverse musical journey with Ainti as he blends electronic, rock, punk, and post-punk influences. In this interview, he shares insights on his genre-defying sound, cultural influences, and upcoming releases.

  1. Your musical journey is incredibly diverse, spanning genres like electronic, rock, and even incorporating elements of punk and post-punk. How do you navigate such a wide range of influences in your creative process?
    I’d say my ideas are a blend of everything that I enjoy. A piece of dark wave here, some drops of post-punk there, a little of industrial, pouring some down-tempo, goth to taste.
  2. Growing up in Brazil and later relocating to Hungary, how has the cultural tapestry of these places influenced your music and artistic expression?
    I think these influences are indirect, more related to the environment and the moment I’m living rather than national music genres. The so-called cultural tapestry that directly influenced me, I would say, was performed by friends presenting me unknown, different and interesting stuff, radios that I used to listen to since I was a kid and even my family. We have a global culture nowadays. I can consume content made by someone who lives in a country that I have never been to, with a very distinct and different culture, I might feel comfortable and enjoy that for example.
  3. Your debut single, “Rejoice,” received praise for its genre-defying sound. Can you share the inspiration behind the track and how it reflects your musical philosophy?
    It’s my point of view. I wanted to share my impressions about how manipulative leaders can be. Autocrats pretending to be “democrats”, justifying the persecution that is carried out against their opponents based on their political activism by different media, by paid “digital influencers”, relativizing facts. From then on, he wanted a dark environment, as if it were scorched earth, buildings in ruins. The bass line was the first to be worked on and from there the song began to take shape.
  4. Rejoice” has been described as an enchanting and otherworldly journey. How do you approach the balance between creating a unique sonic experience and maintaining a connection with your audience?
    Thanks for the compliment! My audience is not established yet, I am at the very beginning of my journey and I’m pretty sure this is not a very popular genre. I still need to measure how’s going to be the overall reception on my following releases.
  5. The unexpected male vocal intervention at the end of “Rejoice” has been highlighted as a masterful touch. What led to this creative decision, and how does it contribute to the overall narrative of the song?
    My voice is not only on the final part of the song, there are more interventions there, as a backing vocal for the chorus and other parts. For this very specific part at the end, I felt I needed a “disclaimer” part on the song, which I’m not being ironic or sarcastic, something like “In case you haven’t understood so far, this is the message”. I also thought that I needed to reinforce the idea of not obedience.
  6. Your educational background includes degrees in IT and Marketing, as well as studies in theatre and cinema. How have these diverse academic pursuits influenced your approach to music and creativity?
    I’m an IT guy, a nerd. I feel comfortable being in front of the computer for hours but at the same time I need a different stimulus. Also, everything is about computers, if you need to write a new script for a short movie, you’re gonna spend couple of hours in a text editor, then you need to break down the script into a spreadsheet to measure the filming days, establish the team, equipment, what will be recorded on a given day, etc. For the theatre you will do the project, you will also be in front of the computer for a long time, establish the lighting map, design costumes, etc. With music it is not different, you are going to spend hours using your computer, twiddling the knobs of your audio interface, DAW and instruments.
  7. Having lived in different places and experienced various cultures, how do you see these cultural influences shaping the direction of your upcoming releases, especially the one featuring Nównøis?
    I feel this is an indirect influence. I might have changed some perceptions after experiencing coming to Europe and living alone, having to take extra care of myself, establishing new friendships and connections. In this process we ended-up meeting each other, I already had My Very Good Days (which is my next release) ready, including the lyrics and also mastered. Nównøis is a great addition because the whole structure of the song was there, skeleton and body but it needed a soul and she brought it, the song had another colour, it became alive, vivid. That is a perfect match.
  8. Your philosophy embraces the productivity of having more questions than answers. How does this philosophy translate into your songwriting process, and what questions do you aim to explore through your music?
    I prefer talking about impressions rather than certainties. I would rather not answer anything because all people have their subjectivities and their perception of the world is different. If perceptions are different even within a home with a family, can you imagine between people from different cultures? So that’s why I believe having more questions than canned preconceived ideas and answers is more productive, having a broader point of view makes people more understanding, more subject to even change their opinions if they receive different stimuli and conceptions.
  9. Ainti’s second single is set for release at the end of January 2024, featuring Nównøis. Can you give us a glimpse into what we can expect from this upcoming release and the collaboration with Nównøis?
    Rejoice” is more atmospheric, I would say it’s different from “My Very Good Days” on this point. It’s going to be released on 26th of January. “My very good days” has more symbols I would say. It’s a longer song, it is almost 6 minutes long and it is splitted in three parts. It has a bit more electronic elements, a bit of rock’n roll and R&B as well.
  10. Your reviews often highlight the experimental feel and the blending of different genres in your music. How do you see the role of experimentation in pushing the boundaries of conventional music?
    I don’t have the intention of pushing the boundaries of conventional music or this kind of stuff, I just produce music the way I want. Maybe for the marketing point of action however it’s more complicated because you don’t have the certain niche that you would like to focus your merch. For “Rejoice” I was pretty sure I would be well accepted on Industrial playlists or even Electronic music playlists but no, it didn’t happen this way, I got more accepted on Metal Music playlists and I’m really happy about that. So, my idea is not to throw a new genre, this is something organic, people sharing the same taste for music and more or less with the same, let’s say, “vibe” are more subject to ignite something like this.
  11. Rejoice” has been described as an anthem breaking the barriers of musical genres. How do you navigate the balance between artistic exploration and creating music that resonates with a wider audience?
    Just reinforcing, this is not my idea and intention, to start a new genre. I just create music the way I want the way it sounds within my head. I create music for the people who are interested and enjoy it. I’m happy and flattered whenever I receive a new follower or when I see that people are listening to my song. That makes me really happy.
  12. Your vocal performance has been compared to modern-day Kate Bush. How do you approach the emotional expression in your vocals, and who are some of your vocal inspirations?
    I believe this is another compliment, if so, well, thank you again! “Rejoice” was written for Iara’s voice. We have been through lots of things and we share a long history together. She’s no longer performing as a singer nowadays, unfortunately. I have joined some singing classes of hers, I’ve watched her singing a couple of times, she had classical singing lessons. So I wrote this song thinking about her voice and performance. When it comes to my personal female vocals references, apart from Iara, it’s quite abroad but I would say mainly female voices from post-punk/darkwave periods. Siouxsie Sioux from Siouxsie and the Banshees, Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins, Lisa Gerrard from Dead Can Dance are good examples.
  13. The lyrics of “Rejoice” have been mentioned as critical of authoritarianism and blind loyalty. How do you use your music as a platform for expressing social and political commentary?
    For me, music sometimes is a better channel for you to express something. You have the lyrics but it also has the whole atmosphere you want to establish, the mood you want to print. For “Rejoice” I wanted a dark environment, mouldy, old collapsing buildings. I want to create scenarios that people can be transported to. This is the idea of a composition, not only about music but other means of expression. Sometimes poetry is not enough.
  14. Ainti seems to challenge conventional norms and genres. How do you see your music contributing to the broader landscape of the music industry, and what impact do you hope to make with your art?
    It’s too soon to talk about this. I mean, who am I? I’m just a single drop in an ocean of very interesting musicians, I’m on the very beginning of my journey. I’d rather think about each step I’m executing, being low profile and realistic. Of course sometimes we dream big, it is free, but dreams cannot mess up with your way.
  15. Looking ahead to 2024, with a commitment to continuous exploration and collaboration, what can fans anticipate from Ainti in terms of new releases and the evolution of your sound?
    Apart from “My Very Good Days”, which will be released on 26th of January, I’m planning to release at least two more songs this year. Unfortunately time matters very much and I wanted to focus more on this. If I’m lucky I can release even three. I’m planning to release one before summer, I already started working on this song. It’s another industrial-ish genre song, full of electronic elements, digital and analog synthesisers. The other one I also already started working on, it’s more intimate and talks about longing and the third one, if I’m lucky, actually it’s kind of ready, but it needs a better polish there. That would be a surprise even for me if I managed to release this song this year. Let’s see how it goes. I would like to have at least four songs released by the end of this year, already counting “Rejoice” and “My Very Good Days”. Let’s see and thank you for your space!

Original content available on: Interview Ainti



Breaking Boundaries Ainti’s Debut Single ‘Rejoice’ Challenges Conformity and Explores Sonic Depths

Ainti, an enigmatic newcomer on the music scene, introduces us to a thought-provoking debut single titled “Rejoice.” The brainchild of Antonio Revuelta, Ainti’s solo project takes a courageous leap intoContinue readingBreaking Boundaries Ainti’s Debut Single ‘Rejoice’ Challenges Conformity and Explores Sonic Depths


Ainti Emerges with Debut Single “Rejoice” A Sonic Rebellion and Introspective Journey

Introducing Ainti, the visionary solo artist behind the debut single “Rejoice.” With a fresh perspective, Ainti delves into the complexities of human nature, challenging conformity, and encouraging listeners to questionContinue readingAinti Emerges with Debut Single “Rejoice” A Sonic Rebellion and Introspective Journey



“Rejoice” is about unquestioning loyalty, followers and believers. It opposes the idea that the true joy lies in unquestioning submission, in sacrificing one’s individuality for the sake of a perceivedContinue readingRejoice